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Worth The Wait 2016!

Worth The Wait is a short film that I wrote in 2015. In an effort to jump back into more narrative story telling, I wrote this script. Since I've been turning out short YouTube episodes for almost a decade, I thought I'd move back into the film arena. My ultimate goal is to be making feature films, so this seems to be a step in the right direction. Don't misunderstand, I continue to generate YouTube content, but everything has a place. This year I plan to update this blog, sharing with you my Worth The Wait production experience from start to finish. Hopefully it can help you avoid certain pitfalls as you set out to create your own content. As for the current status of Worth The Wait, it is almost complete. I heard the new audio mix last night and couldn't be happier. In fact the submission process for film festivals has begun. More updates planned on that as needed. Have a great day and thank you for checking out this update!