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No and Wait.

This film, Worth The Wait, explores the virtue of patience. There is a proper time and procedure for things ( Ecclesiastes 8:5). There just is. And sometimes we want things now. But how many times can we look back and be thankful that things DIDN’T turn out how we wanted?

Is there a relationship that you are glad now didn’t work out? Are there words you are glad you didn’t say, even though you wanted to? Is there a post on Facebook that you decided not post or share? It wasn’t the right time. Maybe never will be.

There are certain things you CAN control, like your attitude. And there are things you can’t control: what other people say or do, if the sun will rise tomorrow and if the people hiring will choose you. But in all your circumstances you can be patient and learn.

I became a Christian almost 3 decades ago and I’ve prayed many, many prayers. My two least favorite answers have been no and wait. Even if you don’t pray, you probably don’t like to hear those answers from people. Then you have to decide if you trust the person that is giving you that answer. For me, I trust God. And I have almost 30 years of evidence that He can be trusted. So, when I hear the words no or wait, I can trust that answer is best.