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Making a film is like running a marathon.

How are you doing as this new year progresses? Did you make resolutions? Are you keeping them? A big plan is great! What if you: want to make a feature length film this year. Well, that’s great. Then you want to break it into practical goals. Do you have a script? If not, write it. Or hire someone to write it. Then set deadlines.


The thing about our plans, that really matter, is that they take time. They require endurance. You bear up under the pressure even when you think you should have “arrived” already. A good running back in football keeps his feet moving. If he doesn’t he surely won’t make progress. But, who knows, while his feet are moving, if he won’t find a hole and make tremendous gain? Or maybe today it’s only a few yards at a time. But progress is progress and if your feet keep moving your chances are far greater than if you stop.

Take a look at those goals. Get refreshed and then keep those feet moving.